Cuomo Causes a State of Mask Confusion

With low risk for children and low infection rates across the state Andrew Cuomo is called a hypocrite by Dr. Marc Siegel for good reason.

Last Friday we celebrated the end of mask requirements in New York State schools because the commissioner of health Howard Zucker issued a letter to schools superintendents across the state. But on Monday a revised mask mandate was issued stating masks would be required by all indoors but not outside.

Following a weekend of confusion for school children, their parents and teachers, Governor Andrew Cuomo clarified changes in mask policy for schools in New York. He now said children don’t have to wear masks outside, but have to wear them inside.

Cuomo, on Monday modified the directive, saying masks will continue to be required inside the classroom, but that students can take them off when they are outdoors. The governor said the CDC agrees with his decision.

“Children wear masks in school, inside, “Cuomo said. “There is no mandate for masks outside.” Individual school districts will still have the final say on whether to continue to require masks outdoors. Cuomo denied there was ever any uncertainty over the initial order. He said he never said the policy was changing on Monday. “There was no confusion with the schools,” Cuomo said. “We never said on Monday anything goes into effect.”

But Zucker’s Friday letter clearly states that the no-mask policy was to begin Monday.

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